Thursday, May 10, 2012

Story A Day - 10

Prompt from Thinking Ten: The plot thickens: Missing an important date...


Emma sat on her bunk, watching the guard roam the hallway. His baton clanged against the bars of the neighboring cells in a steady rhythm.

"Eight o'clock and all are in their cells, eh ladies?" he said and then laughed himself silly.

The female wing of the county lockup had four inmates, including Emma. She'd been the last one brought in, but the others had all had their trial dates set. Two of them, she'd heard, were hauled in for petty theft. Somehow Emma doubted the charge would hold water if the jury got the real story. Both women had taken their wedding rings back from their ex-husbands, so they'd have something to pawn. So they'd have something to eat.

The jury would hear a different tale though. The problem with society marriages that fail is that when the woman isn't from a society family, she gets put back where she came from. And for the two girls who called themselves Emma's neighbors, that meant getting a ticket to Skid Row.

But they'd also been given tickets to see the judge and get a court date set for their trials. Emma hadn't. Her case was big news, so it was backwards to get second billing to a divorced woman making off with a half-carat stone. Even two gold-digging dames, if that was the real story, couldn't push a murderess off the front page and into the lockup for two months with no word from the courthouse.

What the hell was taking so damn long?

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